Empowering Africa with Data

Kukua weather data and forecasting services

Our vision

Our vision is to close Africa’s weather information gap by leveraging new weather station technology and improved weather forecast accuracy.

Our sustainable solution will provide accurate weather data and forecasts to smallholder farmers, commercial farmers and other
stakeholders throughout Africa.

Farmers who receive
weather forecasts with
corresponding agronomic
advice have increased their
income by 10 – 82%


Kukua weather station

  • Cost efficient
  • Internet connected
  • Solar powered
  • Installed across Africa in partnership with telecom tower operators


Raw data through API

  • All weather data collected real-time in the Kukua Cloud
  • Weather forecasts through partnership with Foreca
  • Raw weather data available on our dashboard and through our API



  • Smallholder farmers
  • Agriculture extension workers
  • Researchers
  • Renewable energy companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Commodity traders

Via text message, Kukua can help farmers to make critical decisions about when to:

  • Plant
  • Insure their crops
  • Apply pesticide
  • Apply fertilizer
  • Harvest
  • Plant a different crop

Weather dashboard

This is a demo of our current interface, showing the temperature in the chart from the first week of February, 2016.