Weather stations Frugal innovation for Africa

Kukua has developed a weather station that is at the forefront of the “Internet of Things” technology: the station is connected to the Internet, solar-powered, and cost effective, using frugal innovation suited to the African environment. Kukua has over 80 weather stations operating across six African countries. Contact us for our technical specifiactions, documentation and installation manual.

See an expandable model of our rain, temperature and humidity sensors here.
See an expandable model of our wind sensors here.

For the accuracy of sensors we support, please see the Sensor Accuracy, Resolution and Range Report of our supplier Davis Instruments.


ConCaVa is a generic, binary payload processor that enables IoT device builders to handle basic data processing in the cloud. Built for technologies such as MQTT and LoRa, unprocessed pin readings from sensors are stored as raw data and Converted to the correct data format, Calibrated in case a (javascript) function is needed to modify the data to a certain scale, and Validated such that data points that fall outside a reasonable range for that parameter are removed. This enables those using M2M data connections to reduce the amount of data needed to be sent. This returns in device power savings as well as communications costs savings, reducing the overheads such that the message payload is 1/4 of its original size with the same richness of data.

Financed by FIWARE Lab NL and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Take a look here for the technical introduction to ConCaVa. Find our documentation for ConCaVa here.


Our standardised dashboard enables users to gain a clear overview of the weather data from the devices they are linked to. It is easy to navigate, and the user is able to change the weather parameter, the date range, the time interval and can download the data in a CSV format for their own analysis at the click of a button. There is also an hourly forecast and a 3-day cloud movement map that are courtesy of Foreca. Gain access to our dashboard here.

As we are strong believers in open source, our dashboard is completely open and documented.